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NAVIGON AG is one of Europe's leading suppliers of navigation systems. The navigation software is exceptionally flexible and adaptable and is used in a wide variety of navigation appliances. The software converts portable communication tools such as mobile phones and PDAs into powerful navigation systems. NAVIGON is developing the market for complete mobile systems by forming system partnerships with well-known hardware manufacturers with strong distribution networks. NAVIGON was founded in 1991, employs a total staff of more than 200, and is represented by its own distributors in Asia, Europe and North America.

NAVIGON. And the world is yours.

Vodafone Group Plc is the world's leading mobile telecommunications company, providing a wide range of services including voice and data communications.

Habeas Inc. is an Email Trust Authority that re-establishes email delivery as a reliable business communications medium. Habeas enables commercial email senders to certify their communications as legitimate, and helps ISPs and message security vendors make better, more efficient decisions about how to sort inbound mail. By aggregating, analyzing, and categorizing the reputations of millions of senders around the globe, Habeas is making sure legitimate email gets delivered while spam does not.

Tetraktys s.r.l., an Italian service provider that specializes in language services for the software business and the government affairs sector, and in project management training and consulting.

aka-aki evolved from the founders diploma project at the University of the Arts Berlin. The aka-aki approach is to bring about the functions we know from internet communities into real life, where they're much more useful than in the virtual space. Because real life is still not happening infront of a computer, it's happening in the streets, on trains, at parties, in universities and in clubs. So aka-aki decided to enhance reality with functions we know from virtuality. The service works with almost any mobile phone, using a Java app which detects other members around via a combination of Bluetooth and cell information.

With a proprietary technology, United Maps algorithmically matches and merges line vector sets to produce hyperlocal maps on large scales between 1:5'000 to 1:1'000.

Geometries and attributes of original, primary datasets are enriched, completed and yet remain intact and fully navigable. Secondary data extends relevant content for mobile usecases outside vehicle traffic. Technically, the conflation of two different vector sets produces a better and richer third set, a 'united map'. United Maps' professional editors add and complete original features and guarantee industrial quality standards.

United Maps' data products are licensed for business-to-business markets (B2B) and are available in two flavors based on primary data from Navteq (NVT) or Tele Atlas (TA). If you are a licensed customer of either, you choose the corresponding version as United Maps' hyperlocal maps are fully compatible.

The Deutsche Bahn ML Group core business is the railway in Germany with more than five million customers every day in the passenger transport segment, and a million tons of freight shipped via rail. More than two million customers travel via DB buses every day. Deutsche Bahn operates more than 31,000 train runs daily on its approximately 34,000 kilometer-long, modern rail network, which is also open to competition.

In addition to internationalizing the network of all transport modes, the main focus of DB’s strategy is also on developing end-to-end travel and logistical chains across all modes of transport. The company thus meets the changing requirements of the markets, which are increasingly demanding efficient and environmentally-compatible services from a single provider.

Deutsche Bahn AG is providing answers to the determining trends of globalization, climate change, and scarcity of resources, as well as deregulation.